Setting up my palette + Keeping my acrylic paint from drying

This 3 step process can be easily integrated into your process to save your paint from drying

Come along with me as I set up my acrylic paint palette. Whether I’m working on a small art piece or on a series of paintings, this—by far—is my absolute favorite way of setting up my acrylic paints.

To be honest with you, I didn't usually reach for acrylics because they’re less forgiving with drying time. But! I’ve learned to prep the paints so they remain workable for up to two weeks (or more)!

In this video I go over how I D.I.Y. my “sta-wet” palette with yes, a baking pan. I also share the ratio of mediums I add into the paint to improve workability. And lastly, how and where I store my acrylics for later use. In short, we will prep the palette surface, we amend the paint and optimize storage to increase it’s “open” time.

Paint Palette Supplies:
baking tray —
palette paper — (or parchment paper)
paper towel
press n’ seal (for storage)

Mediums I use:
flow improver —
retarder —

Colors I used in this palette:
Liquitex Basics — Hooker’s Green Hue, Cobalt Blue Hue, Cadmium Red Deep Hue, Mars Black
Liquitex Heavy Body — Yellow Medium Azo
Blick Studio — Titanium White

This 3-step process can be easily integrated into your process and I find it saves me from having to keep remixing and matching colors every time. Please like and subscribe if you found this video helpful. I truly appreciate it.

How do you set up your paint palette? Give this a go before your next painting and let me know how it works for ya! 🙂

Stay cool for the summer,
— Kai