HAPPINESS: a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by two or more cups of Earl Grey.


Kai + Caffeine = Kaiffeinated — an inspired state of mind fueled with tea and  creativity. Created in August 2016 by Kai Reyes, Kaiffeinated.com documents the struggles and successes of an illustrator + graphic designer + crafter + tea lover.

My intention is to share with you life hacks, art hacks, and other things I've learned in hopes of sparking your own artistic passion. Let's build our creative confidence and replenish our self-love so that we can let out the artist that aches so badly to make a mark in the world. 


Kaiffeinated.com is a place to explore our creative curiosities and celebrate the artist in ourselves.


This blog is a place for artistic exploration, inspiration, motivation and personal growth. Please tell me I'm not the only one struggling to figure out how to enjoy every bit of the creative process. My hope is to ignite your creative spark and help you fuel your fire—illustrating, being more productive, or just wanting to be happier in life. Youre not alone. *sigh of relief.* Im right here with you, stuck between I have this great idea and Im afraid of failure. This is the place where we can exchange ideas and figure it out. I want to help fill your well with a wealth helpful tips and valuable resources; things Ive learned from my personal journey as well as the epic shifts that inspire other creatives.

The Kaiffeinated blog is 7% sarcastic, 43% resource, and 50% reflective journalto capture my adventures and artistic growth. Part design, part everyday life, the blog is both a creative outlet and a way to share the creative struggles and successes of being an artist. 

Who writes all this stuff? 

I initially copied and pasted my portfolio biography in this section, then quickly realized that "Upon recently graduating magna cum laude from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design..." is far too formal.* 

Hi, my name is Kai. I’ve had the passion for art ever since I could remember. My life is a chock-full of clichés, but I won't let that stop me from living. I’m well-versed in sarcasm and confusing myself. 

In 2012, I decided to shift gears and pursue art instead of accounting. I realized money doesn't bring happiness; paintings of puppies do. 

I'm happily working at a branding agency in Pasadena as an illustrator and graphic designer.  Farm Design nourishes my creative soul five days a week. I've also recently adapted the bullet journal system, and I’ve got to say I’m actually moving forward with a few very exciting projects. One of them being my online shop. 

A happy soul with a curious mind, I spend many nights falling asleep to a book. My ultimate goal is to live slowly, create art that makes brings people joy, and spread happiness and gratitude.  

I used to think skydiving was my kind of adventure. Now it’s dipping into the second color without washing my brush... and font pairing.