Making a Color Chart / My First Youtube Video

Woo! We done did it!

Finally uploaded my first Youtube video after having thought of doing this a few years ago, having moved to a place with big windows a few months ago (to inspire me) and dishing out some dough for a decent camera also a few months ago.

This is a process video of making a color chart. I originally planned to do a timelapse over some music, but thought it would be more helpful to ya if I shared what I learned in the process.

I’d greatly appreciate it if ya considered subscribing to my channel. The content will revolve around more process videos, speed paintings, urban sketching, and possibly art challenges.

The process of the process video

Going back to the basics of learning the functions of ISO, aperture and shutter speed was helpful and then the frustration began when I had to figure out how to use programs like Premiere and After Effects. What was even more uncomfortable was recording my voice, not just because it made me self-conscious, but because I was a bit sick.

Everything considered, it’s not as daunting as I thought it would be and it’s amazing how a two-day painting process can be shortened into an 8-minute video.

Let me know what you think! And if Youtube is your favorite platform to share content, any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. :)

As always, stay awesome!
— Kai